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Network IP Cameras

IP cameras, also called network cameras, Internet cameras, Ethernet cameras or Web cameras, are digital cameras designed to connect to an Ethernet network or to the Internet. Modern IP cameras do not even need to connect to a computer first, many have built-in Web servers that allow one to view what the camera sees simply by typing the camera IP address into their Web browser. So extra software is not needed to view images from an IP camera, you simply assign a camera an IP address with the utility included with the camera.

Some IP cameras are wireless, operating over the 2.4 GHz or Wi-Fi frequency band. These offer simplicity and save money by not having to run video cables to the camera. However, bear in mind that most wireless IP camera do not work that well, providing poor image quality, jerky motion and interference from other devices. These issues will undoubtedly be minimized with newer technology.

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